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RECIPE book with MACROS pdf -The Macros Food- 📚

RECIPE book with MACROS pdf -The Macros Food- 📚

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RECIPE book with MACROS pdf -The Macros Food- with proposals for breakfasts , meals , snacks (...) with all the NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION of each recipe and 3 different portion sizes per recipe.

What can I do with the book?

With this recipe book with nutritional information you can comfortably create a diet to your liking, without the need to count calories . In addition, the recipes are separated by food categories (Meats, fish, rice, sandwiches, salads...).

That is, the objective of this recipe book with macros is for you to be the one who selects the different meals of the day , playing with the 3 sizes offered in each recipe, so that you can adjust to your calorie and macro needs.

How to calculate the calories I should consume?

If you are wondering this, you may be interested in purchasing the "Calorie Calculator" along with " RECIPES Book with MACROS pdf -The Macros Food-" by clicking here.

Therefore, with the 2 tools together, creating your own diet , adjusting calories and macros will be too easy not to meet your goals. What are you waiting for?

You can see the recipe book with macros and the calorie calculator in more detail by clicking here.

If you have any questions, you can send us an email without obligation!

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