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Correct Anterior Pelvic Tilt

Correct Anterior Pelvic Tilt

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What is the Program to correct Anterior Pelvic Tilt? 🤔

It is a simple and effective 4-week plan to improve the position of your pelvis and, with it, the associated symptoms. The program is in PDF format and you can view it in its entirety, including the more than 100 videos from your mobile phone 📱

How do I know if I have Anterior Pelvic Tilt? What symptoms does anterior pelvic tilt have? 😕

Anterior pelvic tilt is a condition that, in many cases, comes from excessive activation of the lumbar muscles. This ends up causing the pelvis to push forward en bloc, which can generate numerous symptoms such as the following:

  • Pain or a lot of stiffness in the lumbar area 😖
  • Pain and/or pinching sensation in the anterior area of ​​the hip/psoas 😣
  • Sensation of very tense hamstrings that does not go away with stretching 😞
  • Anterior Knee Pain without apparent origin 😩
  • Gut appearance despite being thin 😱

How do I know if I'm making progress? 🙁

Very easy. Each week you will have to take two simple tests to check if you reach the established mark in order to progress to the next week 📅

Can I carry out the plan at home? Do I need to go to the gym? 😓

YEAH! You can carry out the entire plan without any problem at home. Although, whenever possible it is recommended to go to the gym, the program is totally designed to be done at home thanks to the multiple exercise alternatives offered. You also have a section where I recommend material that can be useful in case you want to carry out the plan at home (although it is not mandatory to get it) 🏠

I am currently training. Can I adapt the program to my training? 😜

Also! There is a section where this is taken into account with advice to adapt the plan to your training 🏉

I am a trainer. Can I take advantage of the program to correct anterior pelvic tilt? 🏋️‍♂️

Of course! In addition to being able to help you with your clients, you will also indirectly have a wide library of breathing and positional exercises to increase movement capacity 📚

The book has an integrated “anti-plagiarism” system to prevent its dissemination and copying. Any attempt to copy or share it will be logged in our system.

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