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Best elastic bands to train at home

Training at home has become increasingly popular in recent years and one of the reasons is the wide variety of accessories and tools available to do it. One of the most popular and effective are elastic bands, which are ideal for strengthening different muscle groups in the body. Below we present the best elastic bands to train at home and how to use them to achieve the best results.

Power Bands

These elastic bands are ideal for working the torso and legs . They are thicker and stronger than conventional bands and can be used to perform exercises such as squats, leg extensions and bench presses, among an infinite number of other possibilities.

Mini Rubber Bands

These bands are ideal for strengthening your shoulders . They offer optimal resistance to train the scapular and rotator cuff muscles in a simple and effective way.

Mini Fabric Bands

These bands are ideal for strengthening the glutes. They offer greater resistance and can be used to perform exercises for the entire gluteal muscles .

In summary

We can use elastic bands to perform countless exercises from breathing and mobility to pure strength exercises. In order to properly use each band and get the most out of them, you must take into account the following 2 points.

  • Breathing and mobility: better elastic bands that allow you to flow in movement without excessive restriction.
  • Strength: elastic bands that offer more resistance to be able to apply progressive loads as strength levels increase.

Finally, don't forget that, even if you train at home, you should apply stimuli with a minimum of intensity in your strength training so as not to stop progressing. With elastic bands you have three options.

  • Increase the number of repetitions with the same band.
  • Grab the band closer to the anchor point to increase the resistance it offers.
  • Switch to a band with a higher resistance.

I hope the article has been useful to you. If you want specific examples of exercises or entire training routines, let me know in the comments! Bye!

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